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In-TRACK is the latest addition to Logisoft's suite of products. In-TRACK is a solution that brings transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, addressing almost all of the critical supply chain issues that the maritime container industry faces.

Lack of information, bottlenecks, untimely delays and supply chain disruption are challenges that anyone involved in the shipment of containers has to overcome to effectively manage the complex demands of the modern import / export industry. Organisations ranging from multi-nationals to local enterprises lose money by simply not having the information required to answer the most basic of supply chain questions such as "where is my shipment?" or "when will it arrive?"

In-TRACK provides a unique and innovative answer to these issues by incorporating information from the clients or suppliers own systems, and integrating with external reporting mechanisms. It then brings in data from third party providers to create visibility that not only answers the basic questions but provides opportunity to effectively manage the entire supply chain.

As an Alliance Partner of INTTRA and encouraged through studying INTEGRITY, a recent European Commission report on Door to Door container supply chain visibility, Logisoft developed In-TRACK to work in partnership with the INTTRA shipping portal and INTTRA software, our own EDI solution.

In-TRACK has the capability of displaying the data of all containers booked and shipped, whether using the INTTRA software application or data from another source. In-TRACK receives container status updates from INTTRA-aligned ocean carriers or by utilising vessel departure and arrival data gained from mandatory AIS data, applying our own innovative algorithms created from AIS data and matching vessels to containers.

As In-TRACK imports data from the client system and attaches it to the container being shipped, In-TRACK can be used either as an information portal providing the location of goods, or as part of a complete Order Management System initiated by an EDI receipt of the originating purchase order.

In-TRACK's versatility allows for Administrators to define access to internal staff and, if required, external stakeholders, restricting fields of information through password controls to authorised users. In-TRACK enables 3rd party access and data input for additional fields where required, this functionality allows for even more visibility as other stakeholders, such as agents, customers or consignees can add data or view information as required.

Exception email or SMS alerts are sent automatically to administrator-defined internal and external recipients.

In-TRACK also comes complete with a Management Reporting mechanism that empowers Management by providing critical reports of the efficiency of the supply chain, helping to identify weak links through performance analysis.

In-TRACK is a dynamic, versatile and impressive tool that adds value to an organisation by providing it with the knowledge necessary to improve supply chain metrics.

For more of In-TRACK's capabilities, contact us by phone, email or request more info.
In-Track can be hosted on your organisations own network servers, if you prefer, otherwise Logisoft can host the system for you on our secure dedicated server.
We will work with your in-house IT professionals to ensure the security of your network is not compromised.
Main Features
Inbound and cross trade container shipments canAutomatically receives via INTTRA mandatory
be received from INTTRA or other third partycarrier updates including Accepted, Gated-in,
sources and updated.Loaded, Departed, Arrived, Gated-out, Empty
National or international shipments can becontainer returned.
managed from individual sites or globally.Password protected, permissions based access
Automatic email alerts on status multiple users.
Comprehensive KPI reporting.Customizable colours, logos and reports.
Mirrors all data submissions.AIS data available.
Payment Options
Payment can be agreed and made monthly or annually to suit your needs.
AIS data is provided on a subscription basis.